Agreement Facebook

Facebook wants to end the Cambridge Analytica scandal, after the Federal Court of Justice this week approved its agreement with the FTC last July, which will allow it to pay a $5 billion fine and implement tough new data protection measures. Your Facebook app will not be streamed live and will not be listed in the Facebook App Center without the URL being added to this legal agreement in the Support-Info section. With this agreement, now in effect, the company`s executives, including our CEO, will certify our compliance with the FTC every quarter and year. We are also creating a new data protection committee on our board of directors, made up exclusively of independent directors, and will work with an independent external assessor who will report regularly and directly to the data protection committee on compliance with our data protection program. On Thursday, a federal court officially approved the agreement we reached with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last July. This is the end of the FTC investigation, which began after the events around Cambridge Analytica in 2018. As Head of Product Privacy, I strive to help Facebook make significant changes to the way we approach privacy across the company when implementing the order. We are well at the start and much of the work required by the agreement is already underway. Although only the privacy policy is required by law, two agreements are required by Facebook when you use its APIs to develop an application: the privacy policy and the terms of use. This legal agreement is used to inform users of the exact data they collect, how this data is stored and used, and the extent to which it is used.

The agreement will now enter into force in its entirety, with Facebook remaining on various fronts, including additional reporting and transparency requirements, as well as the appointment of its data protection committee. But next time, Facebook will be able to draw attention to its agreements and show the supervisory authorities that its users have actually accepted it. In this area, much of the regulatory and enforcement measures are limited. Yes, you can force Facebook to make its users more aware of how their data is used. But if users themselves decide to accept these processes and approve Facebook`s data usage policies, they are largely left to fend for themselves.