Autosweep Rfid Subscription Agreement

It depends on the type of RFID you requested. If you apply for the basic RFID subscription account, then yes, there will be an annual fee. However, if you have chosen the ordinary account type or go, then there will be no annual fee. There will only be a holding balance that you will need to maintain so that it is not deactivated. EasyTrip and Autosweep are currently in talks with their camps to eliminate annual fees and maintain balance to make it easier for customers. Both companies are constantly updating their systems and terms and conditions in time for the December 1, 2020 deadline. 3.1.1. Completed Forms – Signed RFID Autoweep Subscription Form and signed conditions and conditions. 3.1.2. Photocopy of a valid (1) valid ID card (driver`s license, SSS, TIN or Passport; with image -signature) with original signature on the page. 3.1.3. Photocopy of the last valid official document (OR) and vehicle registration certificate (CR) to be entered 3.1.4. Properly completed and signed by the president of the company or his agent.

3.1.5. Photocopy of the OR – CR of the vehicle to be registered. 4. Fees apply. 4.1.1. Initial charge for label entry by class: class 1 P500, class 2 P1,000, class 3 P1,000) 4.1.2. The cost per day is two hundred pesos (P200.00). The same amount is paid by the subscriber for each day replacement that is not covered by the warranty.

4.1.3. The cost per card is one hundred pesos (P100.00). The same amount is paid by the subscriber for each card replacement. 4.1.4. Fifty Pesos `annual subscription fee (P50.00) per account is charged directly to the subscription account on each anniversary subscription date. 4.1.5. Five cent activation fee (P500) pesos per account account deactivated in accordance with Article 13 -14. 1.1. The participant may only use one (1) auto-weep RFID sticker for each vehicle registered for the duration of the contract. 1.2. A single account number is assigned to the subscriber for identification and reloading.

1.3. The AUTOWEEP RFID sticker can only be affixed to the vehicle notified by authorized representatives of toll roads. 1.4. The RfiD Autoweep sticker is NOT TRANSFERABLE. 1.5. Several tags can be used in a single Autoweep RFID account (Article 2). 1.6. The Autoweep RFID account can be reloaded via the reloading options listed on the Autoweep RFID website. 1.7. The use of Autoweep RFID stickers is limited to electronic toll tracks (ETCs).

1.8. The user`s tolls will be automatically deducted from their Autoweep RFID account. 1.9. Subscribers can view and download their Autoweep RFID account statement from the Autoweep RFID website. Citra Metro Manila Tollways Corporation (CMMTC) regarding interoperability agreement with South Luzon Tollway Corporation (SLTC) agree to stick to Class 3 vehicles – trucks with 3 axles or more and a height of more than 7.5 feet Class 3 vehicles – trucks of 3 axles or more and a height of more than 7.5 feet Grand Truck Large Truck with trailer.