Professional Services Agreement

A free trade agreement is required when a company wishes to command the services of a highly qualified contractor. This agreement is preferred to a subcontracting relationship if the relationship is limited or limited. Read 3 min 5.1 Definition of confidential information. Any party (“receiving party”) may, as part of its provision of professional services in the context of this sub-activity, receive, access and acquire technical and commercial information from discussions with the other party (“disclosure party”), which is not accessible or known to the general public, including, but not only, technical and commercial information on the materials. , software, specifications, techniques, procedures, procedures, procedures, procedures, research, development, projects, products or services, and any other proprietary or confidential third-party information, which remain confidential by the disclosure party and (i) are reported in a concrete and “confidential” or other manner, (ii) if it is communicated and confirmed orally orally orally within a reasonable time after the initial disclosure. , or (iii) the confidential information of a sensible person, given the circumstances that know him or should have known about the disclosure, (“Confidential Information”). Without limitation of the above, Octa`s confidential information includes Octa`s work product and (ii) the confidential information of both parties, the terms of the professional service agreement and any statement of work contained in it. Confidential information does not contain information or material that is or becomes known to the public, now or in general, without violating this professional service agreement; (b) the receiving party was rightly known by the public party prior to its receipt; (c) is received legally by a third party without limitation of use or disclosure and without the violation of the agreement or the obligation of trust of that third party; or (d) be designed independently of the receiving party, without access to confidential information, as shown by the relevant documents and other evidence held by the receiving party. Enter the name of the company of the customer who receives the company`s services.

This form is only used to illustrate and probably contains all the terms necessary for the parties to reflect the realities of their particular situation. For example, it may be useful to include a competition or compensation provision or to extend the provisions relating to intellectual property rights, representations or guarantees. A lawyer can help ensure that all important conditions are included in the agreement. 2.1 The implementation of professional services and work declarations. The client and Okta may make work statements decrying the specific services that Von Okta must provide in accordance with the terms and conditions of the professional service agreement and any work declaration. Each work instruction expressly refers to this professional service agreement, is part of this professional service agreement and is subject to the conditions set out in it.