Unifor Tentative Agreement

According to the union, the main bargaining committee has reached an agreement that is recommended for the 1,700 employees at GM`s St. Catharines, Oshawa and Woodstock plants. Unifors National President Jerry Dias and representatives of the negotiating committee will hold a virtual press conference at 10 .m to provide more information on the interim agreement. The union representing Canadian workers at General Motors says it has reached an interim agreement after extending negotiations with the automaker. TORONTO – Unifor`s master negotiating committee has reached a historic interim agreement with the Ford Motor Company that averted a strike on its Canadian operation after extending last night`s midnight deadline and extending negotiations until the night. The union said negotiations were continuing until Thanksgiving weekend because Fiat Chrysler challenged elements of the union`s agreement with Ford, including wages and health services. The union, which represents 6,700 auto workers at Ford in Canada, said it reached a preliminary agreement and secured a $700 million investment from the automaker after a tense round of talks that went beyond midnight. Unifor had previously entered into a preliminary agreement with Ford Canada employees, and the framework of this agreement was to serve as a model for discussions with FCA and General Motors. Contract negotiations with GM are not yet scheduled. Dias called the preliminary deal with Fiat Chrysler “probably the best economic deal we`ve reached in 20 to 25 years,” and noted that it includes a significant signing bonus, salary increases and a return to job bonuses. TORONTO — Unifor has reached a preliminary agreement for 9,000 fiat Chrysler Automobiles employees in Canada, an agreement that the union says is leading the automaker to invest $1.5 billion and add 2,000 jobs. Dias shared more information during a press conference broadcast live on Facebook. While details of the interim agreement will be presented to members this weekend at a series of virtual ratification meetings, the agreement contains significant commitments for Ford`s Canadian plants.

“It happened until the end,” Cassidy says. “We knew we had the scaffolding, we knew Chrysler had to take the model. The fact is that we need to make sure that we reach a local agreement and our national agreements to reach the agreement.┬áThe preliminary agreement also offers something for employees at the automaker`s smelter in Etobicoke, Ont., where the number of employees has grown from about 500 in 2016 to fewer than 200 people. The national union reported the developments on its official website at midnight on Wednesday, the deadline for an agreement to enter into force.