Western Washington Laborers Agreement

AGC offers employment contracts and contracts negotiated between AGC and the five core trades. Current collective agreements and salary/fringe summaries are available here. Diver Addendum and Central Washington Annex III included in the Carpenters` Master Agreement. REMINDER: Under Article 22, pre-targeted projects, you must amend all ancillary benefits, even if salaries are frozen for the first 24 months or the duration of the project, depending on the contribution “TUNNEL less, only for the classifications of group 6 tunnel works and in addition to the contribution to the training. Andrew Ledbetter Director, Labour Relations aledbetter@agcwa.comTel. 206.812.4865 Jobsite Labor Relations Manual maintains sections on what to do before and during a strike and how to set up a dual-gate system. Click here to see. Note: Previous salary/fringe summaries are available on request. Please contact Andrew Ledbetter. In Washington State, there are many training opportunities.

Click here to see. Master Labor Agreement. 2018-2021, Western /Central Washington Our new open-shop contact will soon be named. In the meantime, if we can help, please call our headquarters at 206.284.0061. Click here to see Washington`s Penny Schmitt Labor Relations/Safety Assistantpschmitt@agcwa.comTel. 206.812.4864 Dual-gate PackageThis package defines the procedure set out in the National Labor Relations Act, which isolates a union in union and employer decoration and thus allows other neutral contractors to continue working. AGC members in Washington can purchase printed double door signs and a guide to setting up a double door system for $20 plus couple taxes at the Seattle AGC office – (1200 Westlake Avenue N, Suite 301). Contact Penny Schmitt at 206.284.0061.

Click here to see. . – King County Housing Authority – Seattle Housing Authority – Seattle Housing Authority and Seattle/King County Building and Construction Trades Council – Seattle University and Seattle/King County Building and Construction Trades Council – Northshore School District No. 417 – Grounds Employees – Lake Washington School District #414 and Trades Bargaining Council – Lamar Advertising of Seattle – Lake Washington School District – Agreement Addendum- Port of Seattle Agreement – Seattle School District- Trades Council CBA – The Town of Wilkeson – Agreement Changes – Asbest Agreement, 2016-2019.