Companies That Have Licensing Agreements

88 CBS CONSUMER PRODUCTS 300M (NYSE: CBS) LIZ KALODNER, EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT AND GENERAL MANAGER, 1.212.974.7795 WWW.CBSCONSUMERPRODUCTS.COM CBS Consumer Products manages licenses and merchandising worldwide for a variety of television brands and series from CBS Television Studios and CBS Television Distribution, as well as the company`s extensive library with titles such as I Love Lucy, The Bunch Brady and Cheers, in addition to Showtime and CBS Films. The best licensed accommodations in 2015 include Star Trek, Penny Dreadful and The Twilight Zone. Licensing initiatives that will drive growth in 2016 are the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek, which will include an art program, extended fan events and much more. Partial agreements. In the licensing agreement, as with other types of contracts, there may be sub-agreements. For example, the licensee may require a confidentiality agreement to prevent the licensee from disclosing proprietary product features or processes to others. The taker may require the donor to sign a non-compete agreement to prevent the donor from breaking the agreement by allowing another person to sell the product in the exclusive territory of the taker. 148 JELLY BELLY CANDY COMPANY 65M (PRIVATE) VU MYERS BABCOCK, LICENSING MANAGER, WWW.JELLYBELLY.COM 1.707.428.2800 With more than 14 billion jelly Belly beansfrozens tasted worldwide each year, Jelly Belly Candy Company is one of the world`s most famous and popular beans. Its strategic, 10-plus year licensing program brings to life the unique form of beans, as well as the pleasure, taste, fragrances and colors of the brand.

Among the many product categories are fashion accessories and clothing, home candles and perfumes, kitchen utensils and accessories, bath and body products, as well as scented and fragrant food/drink products. Important initiatives in 2015 for the Jelly Belly licensing program were the introduction of Belly Jelly scented pillows in the United States, as well as a re-launch of scented health and aesthetic aid products through mass and special accounts. In 2015, two new licensees were introduced in the UK – a partner for ice-cold unicorns, as well as a range of cupcakes, both of which were introduced in two of the UK`s leading supermarkets. With nearly 40 first-class partners in 49 countries around the world, Jelly Belly licensed products are available in more than 40,000 retail doors across all channels, including food, medicines, masses, comfort and specialties. Major retail partners are Target, Walmart, Rite-Aid, Kroger, Safeway, Fred Meyer, Ahold, Costco, Kohl`s, Bed Bath and Beyond, Meijers and Michael`s in the United States; and Costco, HBA, Tesco, Sainsbury`s, Primark, ASDA, Halfords, Boots and ASOS International. 2015 was an incredibly strong development year for the Jelly Belly licensing program with a total of 12 new partners in North America, Asia and the UK. The Jelly Belly Licensing Program strengthens its presence in food and beverages, perfume, home and gift, electronics and automotive accessories through high-quality partnerships and geographic expansion. The best licensing initiatives in 2016 and beyond include beverages and dry egg programs, as well as fashion accessories and technology and automotive accessories developed internationally. The United States will see continued offerings of multi-faceted fragrances and health and beauty products, while focusing on expanding their food and beverage space, with frozen dessert innovation and high-end products in stores.

104 GIRL SCOUTS OF THE USA 220M (PRIVATE) MICHAEL CARLISLE, PRINCIPAL, THE WILDFLOWER GROUP, 1.212.924.2322 WWW.GIRLSCOUTS.ORG Girl Scouts of major retail partners and licensing programs in 2015 are owned by Walmart, Target, Albertson`s, Kroger and Safeway.