Early Termination Of Lease Agreement Philippines

In accordance with our tenancy agreement, the tenant`s deposit is automatically cancelled in case of early termination by the tenant for the benefit of the owner of the unit. I bought property in Bacolod under my name fiancenc© in tears 2010 regarding marriage and we got married, in 2012.after 11 months in marriage, the marriage broke down and we broke up. We also got a back seat to settle the real estate issues, as the property has become an absolute common property and a compromise agreement between the two parties who sell the property. 50/50 of the totality, and that we meet the respective obligations and obligations, that have been agreed, as agreed, we both have to sign the title deed, but my problem is that the second party does nothing to sell the property, and neither to get in touch with it will not be provided because she changed her phone number, the only way to contact her is by email, even if she does not respond to what I can do. I have a few interested customers in the property and they accepted the original title of the deeds and also for the sale of the property.but I can`t get in touch with it and so many interested customers were disappointed. Where I`m going or what I can do. Could you advise me? Thank you very much. Article 1648. Any rental of real estate can be registered in the real estate register. Unless no lease is registered, it is not binding on third parties. (1549a) Article 1655.

If the rented thing is completely destroyed by an accidental event, the lease will go out. If the destruction is partial, the tenant can choose between a proportional reduction in rent and a termination of the tenancy agreement. n) Good morning. I have a question. We are a new tenant in a subsection. Before signing a lease with the owner, he assured us that he was providing stickers on our car, so we can go inside and from the 4 access doors to the subdivision. We weren`t too special with the other doors as they were far away in Cavite. We expressed it by checking his house that what was important to us was the Southvale Gate sticker, because it is the shortest distance door that goes to work, and that`s what he announced online that his house is 15 minutes from downtown Alabang. He promised us the stickers with the inscription “madali lang yan”. We signed the contract and paid the agreed advance of 2 months and a 1 month down payment on March 9, a PhP24,000 in total. The contract was effective March 13, and on that day too, we learned from the Home Owners Association that the Southvale door only comes out of the stickers once a year, this year they publish it in September 2012. I wanted to get out of the lease because I didn`t want to go to work on public transport.

But the owner promised to get a temporary clearance because Southvale`s guards told him he could write to the owner and ask for a temporary permit. We received our car on March 23 and the next day we submitted all the necessary documents to the owner.