Free Legal Advice On Lease Agreements

This site offers standard forms and legal document forms (which you can edit!), lists of tenants and managers, as well as answers to general questions about tenant insurance, maintenance and sureties. Tenants and/or tenants can search for a Land or category to access a wealth of valuable information. Municipalities are legally required to advise tenants on homelessness and homelessness prevention under the Housing Act 1986. Some limit their advice to homelessness problems, others also advise on other tenant issues. Offers free advice first in a clinic for those who are not eligible and who cannot afford to pay for a lawyer. Also, remember that many services can be funded without profit without a fee agreement, especially claims. Although national law varies, this section can give you a fundamental understanding of the amount of termination required to allow a landlord to terminate one month per month of rent. Your site is excellent and full of information that tenants find useful when seeking legal advice regarding housing in the UK. Divided into separate sections for “Scotland” and “England and Wales,” Shelter`s website is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to receive legal advice without having to provide it. Of course, these are designed to encourage you to use their paid services. However, you can be helpful if you just want someone to give some quick advice, or maybe take a look at some documents for you. is an organization that focuses on helping low-income families find legal resources, but it also provides information on filling out legal/judicial and civil rights forms, as well as lists of state law firms.

This page provides other useful links to pro bono sites and interest groups. Full list of law centers. Law centres provide legal advice, files and representation for individuals and groups. Non-profit organizations, such as the Housing Rights Center, offer free legal advice (in this case for the State of California) to resolve simple disputes between landlords and tenants. Free telephone and face-to-face consultations help landlords and tenants know their rights and the best steps to take under the law of their respective countries. Does a landlord really have the legal right to make you responsible for paying an annual rent if you have never entered into a rental agreement? Unfortunately, this is not the case for all LAs and some will only be able to provide advice on homelessness issues rather than housing law.